do not step out
20/Sep/2009 | 23:12

Here's a list of the most popular issues in the current release of Sandbox:

- The dsrunner tool (internal Sandbox support tool) may crash in some Open Directory environments. This prevents Sandbox from populating its users and groups list, and results in a user-visible crash notification dialog. Sandbox will still function, but you will have to know the name or UID of the user or group you need. This problem is understood and will be fixed in the next update. It is not specific to Snow Leopard.

- Under Snow Leopard, the first time you click "Inspect Folder...", you may encounter an error dialog. This sucks, but it's harmless. Retrying the button should work on the second try, but this isn't guaranteed, unfortunately. I have a good idea of what's happening here, and will be fixed in the next update.

- Under Snow Leopard, scrolling in the file system browser may also generate error dialogs and erroneous browser items. There is no workaround for these problems. They're also benign, if you consider really fucking annoying benign. I have a good idea of what's happening here, and will be fixed in the next update.

- Under Snow Leopard, you cannot enable or disable ACLs on volumes via Sandbox. The fsaclctl tool has been removed from Mac OS X as of 10.6, so either I disable this functionality or come up with a different solution. I haven't decided how best to handle this.

Where does that leave us? What's the roadmap here?


1. Maintaining shitty code bases.
2. Announcing release dates before things are done.
3. Disabling existing functionality.

I'm going to do the first two right now, and try not to do the third. It shouldn't be a lot of work to fix the three "definitely fixable" bugs, so even though I've sworn to myself I won't touch the 2.x code base anymore, I'll be doing that in the next two weeks. And with that, I've done #2.

3.0 is still on the table, but my work schedule really cuts into my time and energy for personal software endeavors. It'll be a ton of new code and some pretty serious interface changes, so you probably won't hear a peep about it until it's pretty far along and I'm sure I can finish it.

See you soon. Thanks for your patience.

Update (25 Oct 2009):

Okay, pulling a release date out of my ass was a bad idea, as I expected it would be. It's more work that I thought, and I haven't had any time to work on it because of my day job. Stay tuned.