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sandbox beta
11/Mar/2008 | 00:51


As you can see by the SCARY RED TEXT, this doesn't work in Leopard. Yet.

I'm getting very close to beta with Sandbox 2.2, the next update to the access control list editor for Tiger Client and (soon) Leopard Client. (You can use it on Server, and some prefer it to Workgroup Manager. But we won't get into that.)

I need beta testers! If you have ACL experience and want to risk life and limb, send me an e-mail and I'll send out the info when the beta is ready to rock. The e-mail should include your REAL NAME so I can give you testing credit, detailed specs of the machines on which you expect to test Sandbox, and whether or not you've used Sandbox in the past.

Sandbox 2.2 is slated to include the following changes:

- Leopard compatibility
- Rewritten software update mechanism*
- Discovery of users and groups outside of the local node
- Integrated authenticated file system browser, no longer launches a helper
- Rewritten NetInfo/Directory Services support*
- Other stuff rewritten under the hood*
- Other minor bug fixes and performance enhancements

* Denotes stuff you won't notice but looks great in release notes.

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