do not step out
17/Jan/2008 | 16:01

I'm a sailor-mouthed guy. My favourite word in the entire world is "motherfucker", and I don't hesitate to use that word like a motherfucker whenever possible. Motherfucker. That felt good.

I decided to act like a 7-year-old and feed my favourite curse words to Google Code to see what might be found. I thought some might enjoy the most entertaining results of my search, which involved a great deal of skipping past profanity filter arrays, goofy text translators, game dialogue, and fortune.

In the event you didn't catch that, this entire post is NSFW.

Best Source File Name


Best Outlook on the User

# fuck the users, fuck them up their stupid asses

Best Use of the Obvious Stick

  * Returns a set of all keywords found in the input file
  * @return The set, motherfucker!

Best Use of Superfly T.N.T.

function SpecialVersion() {
   // English motherfucker, do you speak it?
      $this->langObj = setupLangObj( 'LanguageEn' );

Best Developer Breakdown

static void fuck (pair J) FASTCALL;

static FDCBFnPtr FnsFDCB[]=

Best Console Insult

die("Read the fucking manual you shitwit and at least use the constructor right!")

Most Dynamic Duo

/** Bullshit function. */
virtual float userToMarginY ( double x ) const;

/** As the person before me so eloquently put it... bullshit function. */
virtual float userToInvertedMarginY ( double y ) const;

Sexiest Comment

(?\C-m . te-beginning-of-line) ;fuck me harder
(?\C-g . te-beep) ;again and again!

if (fourthWall != NULL) { break; }

$swapped[$i] = $tmp; /* 'fuck' is written here so you can grep for it */

Most Fed Up Junior Engineer

if (vm_region
   (task_self(), &addr, &size, &bullshit, &bullshit, &bullshit, &bullshit, &bullshit, &bullshit) != KERN_SUCCESS)

Honorable Mention: Cursing in Commercial Product

if (status < 0) {
   /* James M doesn't say fuck enough. */

Best Frogblasting

Monday, July 10, 1995 11:49:06 AM (Jason)
rewrite for marathon2 done. my bobs won't listen to your fucking whining.