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14/Dec/2007 | 06:54

It's time for a Sandbox update.

I know of several problems with Sandbox under Leopard, but have not been able to get to ironing them out. They're not major, but I've been without the time to devote to fixing them. Until now, that is.

I left my day job earlier this week and now have spare time to devote to projects like Sandbox. (That is, until I decide it's time to be a day slaver again.)

Here's where you come in.

When I started Sandbox, I used it as an experiment to learn AppleScript Studio. Sandbox 2.0 was an extension of that knowledge, eventually including a light sprinkling of C and Objective-C for version 2.1. As I look at Sandbox, I realize something:

While I believe Sandbox 2.x is one of the best AppleScript Studio applications out there, all eras come to an end eventually.

See, I'm dying to take the existing interface, refine it further, and rewrite the internals from scratch in C + Objective-C. The current code isn't unmaintainable, but I've come to realize that every time I look at it, I want to go read Something Awful instead. Sometimes, you see, languages are barriers to wanting to work. AppleScript, for me, is a barrier to work these days.

I want to add one or two things, and I want to change how parts of the interface work. The prospect of implementing these changes in AppleScript just isn't appealing to me—and in fact, is a deterrent. Not only would I like to add a thing or two, I'd like to prep the project to make it easier to add more unknown things in the future.


First, let's make it clear: I'm never going to require payment for Sandbox. Ever. Don't misread what I'm about to say.

There are two roads we can go down. I can fix the few bugs I know about in Leopard and put this thing away until something breaks—and some very smart people would say this is what I should do, and they wouldn't necessarily be wrong—or I can begin Sandbox 3.0 and make the architectural changes I want to make. The latter is not a two-week process, and Sandbox may then turn into donationware, but I think this route would to be the better choice for the future of Sandbox.

My question to my users, then, is:

What do you want the future of Sandbox to be?

E-mail me. I want to know what Sandbox has done for you, what it hasn't done, and any opinions you might have on the possible existence of a Sandbox 3.0. Including free vs donationware. (SAME THING.)

org dot bungie at mikey-san

Hope to hear from you.