do not step out
15/Sep/2007 | 16:01

If you were wondering why some songs in the iTunes Store are available as ringtones, while others are not, Apple has sneakily decided to tell you:

an iTunes alert dialog explaining why some songs aren't available as ringtones

This is essentially Apple putting blame squarely where it lies: the record labels. The language Apple uses here is also interesting. "Cleared for use" implies an impolite or uncaring bureaucratic authority, akin to getting approved to put a lawn ornament on your grass in a gated community.

"We can't give you what you want because the record labels have not approved of it."

Subtle, but effective. Then again, it's ridiculous that I have to pay twice to use "Don't Stop Believin'" as my ringtone in the first place, but Gruber said it best already.