do not step out
header of state
26/Apr/2007 | 16:26

Being a developer can get boring. It's true, writing code isn't always fighting ninjas and blowing up helicopters. As your mind begins to wander, you find little ways to keep the day interesting, usually by adding things to the source that normally wouldn't be there. Funny or profane comments, ASCII art, whatever. Benign stuff that doesn't interfere with the code itself but keeps the developer(s) entertained.

Sometimes, though, there's true genius to be found. Case in point, an Apple header file I found today while searching the Apple Developer Connection site for some example code. Take a gander:

extern int MoreSecDestroyInheritedEnvironment(int whatToDubya, const char **argv);
// This function eliminates most of the environmental
// factors that you have inherited from your parent
// process.


You can see it for yourself here: