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low fidelity
01/Jul/2006 | 07:38

The Idea

If you destroy audio with low-bitrate encoding, how far do you have to go before it no longer sounds like a badly encoded song, but something intriguing again?

The Method

1. Take Aphex Twin's "4", as performed by the symphony orchestra Alarm Will Sound.

2. Re-encode the song as a 16-Kbps AAC file.

3. Repeat step #2 thirty-five times.

4. Reverse right channel and shift channel timeline in sequencer.

5. Add finishing EQing, envelope filtering, and mastering in Reason.

The Result


The treatment isn't going to become the latest craze in music—and in reality, may not be intriguing at all to anyone—but I found the experiment to be interesting enough to post it here. Throwing out huge amounts of audio never felt so constructive.


Or, simply take anything by any Pop Idol winner and skip the whole re-encoding stage. It sounds just as crap, but without the effort :)

posted by Aaron on July 01, 2006 at 08:27

I actually can't stop looping sinx since having made it.

I guess I'm just an ambient nerd. :-/

posted by mikey-san on July 01, 2006 at 08:29