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18/Apr/2005 | 11:05

So it looks like Safari 1.3 might have bit of a problem positioning elements with "position: absolute;" inside certain inline elements. I discovered this after seeing my footnotes getting seemingly random vertical positioning values assigned to them. Safari 1.2 didn't do that, and Gecko/Mozilla doesn't do it, so it caught me off-guard. Coupled with the randomness, I can't help but call this a bug in Safari 1.3 itself.

Check out the entry on the spammer's sentence and look at footnote #2. Hover over it once and the footnote revealed is positioned over the sentence. Remove the cursor from the footnote area and hover over footnote #3, which renders correctly. Now go back to footnote #2. It's fine now.

Bug? Pretty sure. Here's a vanilla test suite:

Position testing in Safari 1.3

If it's my code, I simply have to concede that it's something I'm not doing properly, but I'm not convinced it is just yet. Any deity-level coders out there with inside, hit me in the comments.

Update: Looks like this is busted, too. Am I just having a bad morning, or are the Safari bugs starting to flow?

Update 2: It just got more baffling. It seems that the second example in the test suite appears identical to the first example . . . when using a serif-based font (like Times New Roman). Using a sans-serif font (Lucida Grande), the second example's revealed element is positioned correctly. Weeeird.

Update THREE: Whiskey tango foxtrot. With the help of Foo from #css, I've discovered that by setting the hidden element's parent span to "display: inline-block;", it appears directly below its parent (the footnote number). This also seems to solve the serif-vs-sans-serif problem I noted earlier.

The question now becomes: Is this a Safari 1.3 bug, since other non-sucky browsers are rendering how I expect things to be rendered, or am I incorrectly interpreting the CSS2 spec? What does Dave Hyatt know that I don't? (Among many, many things, that is.)

I've adjusted my main style sheet to reflect Safari 1.3's difference(s), but I'm leaving the test page up as it was originally constructed, so that people with deeper CSS knowledge might be able to provide insight.


I'm having a similar problem.


posted by Jon Henshaw on April 20, 2005 at 09:08