do not step out
10/Apr/2005 | 05:48

There. Done.

I just finished converting the individual post and category archive pages to the new look. Since I'm still awake, I thought I'd drop a few ideas I'm spinning for upcoming articles, taken straight from my to-do list file:

> write something about using macjournal. explain why you use it instead of the stuff rands and quaint suggested.

> explain who the hell all these codenamed people are.

> go over m-s.net's redesign, why it took so long, what you've learned from it, and how it triggers those two safari bugs.

> demonstrate the new footnotes[1][1] Consider this one done, I suppose. Check out the 100% dynamic, no-trickery transparency! OOOH SHINY.. they're awesome.

> searching for elegance

> tiger review

> that other tiger article

So there you go. There are more, but those stood out when I went to copy and paste. I have ideas for interviews I'd like to do in the future, though I'm not sure I'll ever do anything like that. I don't know if this site is really the kind of format that supports interviews. With the exception of chat snippets I posted to the old site, it's always been just a single voice on the site.

All that having been said about the site being a single voice, I implemented comments in the new version, so I guess anything's possible.

Let me know what you think.